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Creative Encounters award for My Sjögren’s Diary

Congratulations to Sjögren’s Cambridgeshire for their hard work developing My Sjögren’s Diary! The Diary is nearly complete and will be a safe, secure website and smartphone app for anyone with Sjögren’s Syndrome to log their own symptoms and medication. The group thought this would be a great way to help combat ‘brain fog’ and be more involved in their personal healthcare. The next step is to create a research platform within the Diary, so interested users can register and participate in Sjögren’s Syndrome studies from the comfort of their own home!

My Sjögren’s Diary has recently received a ‘Cambridge VERY Shorts’ Creative Encounter award from the University of Cambridge Public Engagement Team. This award pairs us up with a talented group of designers and animators, and will create a new visual resource that Sjögren’s Cambridgeshire can use to promote My Sjögren’s Diary across a wide range of audiences. We really look forward to seeing the outcome!